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Our Territory

Gachantivá, Boyacá

How do we make this happen

Tradition, culture, harmony, relaxation! Today we want to invite you to the green and safe Gachantivá. In this place you can take a walk through the green forests and charming places. To the depths of the Muisca world and to the majestic landscapes. It is a destination to enjoy the benefits of unique and healthy waters. That you sit at a table, full of gifts of nature, wrapped in Gachantive cuisine. Let you listen to the ancient stories, intertwined with the modern rhythm of the country.


We are proud of our green territory and our heritage. We are taking care of it with full responsibility and we want to keep it that way also for future generations. Now we have gone even one step further. We offer you a healthy and safe environment so that your vacation is perfect.

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