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In a conscious place

In our venture we have a close collaboration with the communities that surround the wildlife areas where we operate, either by interacting with them as owners or through community development initiatives promoted by the community itself. On the other hand, we firmly believe in conservation since without it there is no life. Our approach is integrated for the Care of the Earth, Care of the Fauna and the care of the people.

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Ancestral Dough Workshop

In the Experiential Workshop of Ancestral Amasijos, we are transported to a wonderful traditional history: our ancestors "the Muisca Culture", passers-by and excellent merchants from the corridors of the Cundiboyacense highlands, who left in this land, paths that forged this beautiful history.


We evoke the Peasant Characters, who crossed these roads, making

use of small rustic shops, dotted with traditions, charisma, gift of people and especially service to the pilgrim.


Within the Workshop, we practice the preparation of doughs in a wood oven, surrounded by landscape and nature, promoting the inclusion of corn in our daily diet, under a healthy and ancestral diet.

Bird watching

Within the biodiversity that the Municipality of Gachantivá has, you will find great opportunities for interconnection with the fauna, flora, customs and traditions of farming and architecture in peasant houses. To have that contact of learning from our past in the midst of rustic, traditional and lasting architecture in time, advocating times of yesteryear where family union and friendship were reflected around a wood stove with delicious culinary knowledge, myths and legends.


Beautiful sunrise with the concert of beautiful songs of the Birds. First-hand, observing the birds in their journeys and survival, makes us appreciate that we are one more species in nature and that therefore we are part of a great chain, not above or below these creatures, but all living species with a sense of integrality, generating that sense of conservation and protection of wild flora and fauna.

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