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Sauna, Turkish Bath and Jacuzzi

Sauna benefits:

  • Toned muscles: Helps to reduce the presence of fat, reduce cellulite and relieve pain and joint fatigue.

  • Improved blood circulation: increasing blood circulation favors detoxification and oxygenation of body tissues, with beneficial effects on hair, skin or nails.

  • Optimal health for your heart.

  • Purification through sweating.

  • Strengthening the immune system.

  • Improved quality of sleep.

  • Avoid infections.

  • Good for mental health: They are great for reducing your daily stress and experiencing greater levels of relaxation. They are recommended for people who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Benefits of the Turkish Bath:

  • Heat accelerates metabolic functions, increasing respiration, heart rate and therefore stimulating the nervous and hormonal systems.

  • The steam produces a balanced dilation of the pores, which eliminates toxins and impurities.

  • As the pores dilate and the water vapor enters, the skin is cleansed, leaving it soft.

  • When the airways are humidified, an expectorant effect is produced, useful in situations of cold, cough, sinusitis and other conditions of the respiratory system.

  • The cardiorespiratory system increases its oxygen exchange and ventilation capacity, producing benefits in the effort recovery processes.

  • Indicated for adolescents with acne problems by cleaning pores in depth. Also useful before shaving by smoothing the skin.

Benefits of the Jacuzzi Bath:

Bathing in a Jacuzzi not only offers a pleasant experience, but also has many health benefits as it reduces stress and promotes relaxation, but also helps people suffering from osteoporosis or muscle problems, it is especially recommended for swimmers and triathletes, since the hydromassage provided by the water jets and bubbles favors muscle recovery. Also, heat helps relieve muscle spasms and pain.

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