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Value proposition

How do we make this happen


Our highest impact model clearly illustrates that by harnessing the environment through high and low impact tourism, conservation can demonstrate its economic viability while to offering rural communities a significant part of benefits.

From our highest impact model to the finest detail of the activities that take place in our shelters every day, every decision we make revolves around our core ethics of Caring for the Land, Caring for Wildlife and Caring for the Animals. People.


These values ​​have become an intuitive part of the way we operate and have shaped our perceptions of guests.

Taking less, giving more.

We believe in taking less and giving more, and we apply this philosophy every day, through big and small actions. Whether it is participating in the reintroduction of an endangered species, providing local work to encourage, or simply recycling vegetable peels from our kitchens, we consciously seek ways to leave a positive legacy in all of our actions.

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