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Myths and legends



The elders say that the Demon takes a stride step from the Municipality of Santa Sofia to Gachantiva in an area of ​​the Sector called the Cabildo, this stride with a distance of approximately 7 kilometers, in both places both in Santa Sofia and in Gachantivá one finds the footprints represented in some stones of singular form.

La vida subacuática



In the Vereda Igua de Pinzones there is a rock called El Campanario, in this place that is a large rock, there is an opening, when you insert your hand into it, you can hit another small stone and a bell rings, the grandparents said that, In this site, only on Good Friday, a bell is heard ringing, constantly without someone being present at the site, the sound that comes out of a large rock.

Giant Octopus



In the path of the box in the Quebrada del Chusque, there is a large natural well, at the end of the sunset you hear some girls laugh and they run in the forest around that well, but the girls are not seen, you feel an infernal fear Grandparents say that some girls drowned there and they are the frights that laugh in this place.

caballo Boceto



In the Vereda de Hatillo and Socha Bajo de Gachantivá, people say that in a sector full of mountains with a real road of yellow earth and whose area was a very steep shortcut but that decreased a long distance, at night a Monk appeared Without Head, dressed in his dark brown tunic and hood, he did not allow passers-by on this path, who if they were strong would return and if they did not faint, therefore, people felt great fear of meeting this character and some had to continue on your way to another place, even if it was longer.




The ancestors say that the Devil arrives at the sugar cane mills, on dark nights from midnight, takes advantage of the fact that some of the workers fall asleep and then appears to the stove as a black man, tall, elegant, dressed In black, smoking tobacco and smelling of sulfur, he approaches the stove and sometimes tells the stove to go to sleep, that he finishes cooking that grind, the workers who see him faint or when they see him approach they flee frightened. A few years ago, a mill owner from the Hatillo y Socha village, seeing this situation of fear that the workers referred to him, decided before the start of a milling process, to put holy water on all the mill around and especially on the stove and to the mill, for which in that grinding, the Devil could not enter the mill, the workers said, that all those nights of that milling they saw that tall, elegant and black man, smoking tobacco on the outskirts of the farm of that mill , hovering around the farm, staring disconsolately at the stove, but unable to enter. Based on this, the owner of that mill, whenever they start grinding, places holy water on the mill.

Flor tropical



The Guitoque lagoon is a natural attraction located in the Guitoque path of the Municipality of Gachantivá, the grandparents told that in this lagoon there were, at the time of the Colony, 3 golden beams, some priests dried the lagoon, making a ditch that still has its vestiges, to remove the gold beams, since the lagoon is in a hill, they tied the beams, but it was not possible to remove them, because a large fly appeared that stood on one of the beams and at that moment lightning struck from the sky and a great storm began that returned to fill the lagoon with water.

pájaro colorido



In the Vereda de Hatillo and Socha Bajo, there is a sector with an area of ​​abyss called "La Chapa", the grandparents and neighbors of the sector say that on Good Friday a young child is heard crying, from the bottom of the abyss, his Crying is heard throughout the sector, starting at 6 in the afternoon, many years ago some young people were on their way to their farms, incredulous of the legend, when they heard the child cry, they whistled it immediately the child stopped crying , but as they continued on their way, they again felt the boy crying on the side of the road. If one day you feel this child crying in La Chapa, don't even think about whistling or talking to him ...

ilustra paisajes



On a road before reaching the town of Gachantiva in the Hatillo and Socha Bajo path, people who were walking late at night, see a very tall horse with a dark tone, as if it were eating grass, the animal does not move from this place, it is as if it were still, a hellish fear is felt, many have fainted, the funny thing is that no neighbor in this sector has horses, so who owns this strange horse? ...

El hombre con el bigote



At the beginning of the 1950s, there was an aviator from Santa Sofia, JUAN SOTELO, who people claimed to have a pact with the devil, one morning JUAN SOTELO traveled in a plane and being near the mountain of Paso del Ángel, The plane took a nosedive and crashed into the Pozo de la Vieja in the Moniquirá River, causing a great explosion and the death of JUAN SOTELO. An infernal voice immediately rumbled through the mountains that shouted and repeated over and over again in disgust " OH, JUAN SOTELO… OH JUAN SOTELO ”, the neighbors of the sector said that it was the voice of the Devil, whom JUAN SOTELO had been able to deceive and break, with his death, said infernal pact.

ilustrado Jaguar
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